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One Person Multipe Roles

Becoming a "slash" is not a dream anymore

Fast-paced, Dynamic and Cooperated

Fast-paced, Dynamic & Cooperated

To bring alive for both you and the system in the a VUCA world

Open & Transparent

Improve the information flow, let you know everything you need to know

Open and Transparent
We Share Common Beliefs

We Share Common Beliefs

Find and resonance with your true friends

Our Platform

CirclePlus is an autonomous, borderless online collaboration platform.

Dynamically support multiple roles of one person

Supporting dynamic iteration of roles and organizational structure. Breaking the fixed position and realizing one person to take on multiple roles. Organizational structure and personal slash status are adjusted based on internal and external opportunities and challenges.

Autonomously manage distributed rights

Replacing the traditional pyramid bureaucracy model with a decentralized and distributed power structure, individuals can achieve self-management and self-empowerment based on their purposes and accountabilities.

Connect you and me through purpose

Helping individuals searching for the meaning and value of their work to discover and connect with each other. Fully promoting purpose alignment between individuals and the team to form a purpose-driven way of working and working community.

Open and transparent operational collaboration

Committed to creating a collaborative system based on trust and open information. Promoting rapid information flow and transparency to help individuals and teams collaborate more effectively.

New value distribution system

A new personal value assessment, value distribution, and value transfer model will be established based on the Token Economy. Breaking the traditional salary performance model, one’s income will reflect own work contribution and word of mouth value in the platform.

A complete and holistic view of the body and mind

Helping one to be whole at work. Truly listening to one’s own voice and needs to achieve meaningful self-growth.




Our partners

Our team

Be free, yet without losing control / Stay open, yet within boundaries / Have fun, yet with accountabilities / Run fast, yet with consciousness !

We come from all over the world, we are purposeful and funny :)
To elaborate more purposeful and conscious life through elaborating working is our purpose.

/ Our BOSS
Skotti .BOSS
Leiden Netherlands
Siggi Oskarsson
/ System Developer / Purpose Agent Scout / Finance Controller / Founder
Siggi Oskarsson
Leiden Netherlands
/ Product Owner / Superman Maker / Application Quality Assurance
Xuan Wang
Leiden Netherlands
/ Finance / Back Office / Customer Support / Trainer
Clare Chen
Shanghai China
/ Sales and Growth / Marketing / Product Framework Design / Founder
Fiona Xue
Shanghai China
Joost Schouten
/ Sales and Growth / Marketing / Eco system ambassador / Founder
Joost Schouten
Amsterdam Netherlands
Oli Oskarsson
/ System Developer / DevOps / Facilitator / Founder
Oli Oskarsson
Leiden Netherlands
/ Efficiency Booster / Compensation steward / Trainer / Founder
Leona Liu
Beijing China
/ Web Master / UX/UI Designer
Ying Xiong
Leiden Netherlands
/ System Developer / WeChat Developer
Beijing China
Manuel Burgos
/ Front-end Developer
Manuel Burgos
Leiden Netherlands
Bowen Li
Beijing China
/ Trainer / Consulting Product Design
Oscar Wang
Beijing China
Vanessa Wu
/ Marketing
Vanessa Wu
Taiwan China
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